INTERESTING WORLD installation 1

INTERESTING WORLD installation 1

Artist: Fei Jun
Producer: MJT Interactive
Media: Interactive installation, Game Engine, ipad Application
Dimension: Dimension variable
Year: 2019

In response to the theme of the La Biennale di Venezia 2019 “May You Live in Interesting Times”, Interesting World installation 1 attempts to interpret “Interesting” with multiple perspective and construction that are contributed by diverse audiences.

Interesting World installation 1 has two different interaction modes, the primary interaction is to provide access to internet users around the world to construct the “Interesting World” with a mobile app “Re-Build”, a social construction game developed by artist. Another interaction mode enables audience to roam into this real-time rendered “Interesting World” via an iPad application on the exhibition site.  
Anyone who downloads the game can build their own “interesting world” by using more than 300 three-dimensional models recycled from the real world provided by artist. The game mechanism also encourages players to connect and interact with other “worlds” through “establishing diplomatic ties” or “Unite together”. It enables resource sharing and collaboratively constructing act while the rules also accept deconstructing act with malice or goodwill. This continuous evolution of the “world” generated by the user’s participation of constructing and deconstructing not only creates a growing interactive art work, but also constructs a metaphorical field research tool, which helps us test, observe and understand the complex and diverse world outlook of the public in the contemporary context.

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